3. Getting Started
note3.5.2 Book from PDF: Manual ModeSee the video and watch all steps VIDEO Create Book from PDF in Manual Mode The following steps need to be followed: Click th...3.5.1 Book from PDF: Automatic ModeBook from PDF: Automatic Mode Fast & Easy via Drag&Drop Identify your PDF Open the "File - New" Window Drag the PDF on the PD...3.5 Book from PDF: PreparationPDF Conversion Options An MZ3 Book can be created easily if a PDF file is available. The easiest way is dragging a PDF File o...3.4 Empty BookPrepare an empty Book Experienced users might prefer to just build an empty book with the expected number of pages and define...note3.3.2 Photobook from Photos: Manual ModeThe process is shown in a VIDEO, step by step. After selecting "New Project or License" the Photobook Input Window can be ope...3.3.1 Photobook from Photos: Automatic ModeThe process is shown in a Step-by-Step VIDEO: Photo Book Automatic Mode A photo book can be created very quickly by selecting...3.3 Photo Book from Photos: PreparationCollect all Photos first To prepare for an easy automatic creation of a photo book, please follow these steps: Create a folde...3.2.2 Book from Page Images: Manual ModeSee the video with a step by step walk-through Step-by-Step VIDEO: Mz3 Book from Page Images in Manual Mode If you want to be...3.2.1 Book from Page Images: Automatic ModeSee all steps of an automatic creation of an MZ3 Book from Page Images in the Step-by-Step VIDEO: Book from Page Images An MZ...3.2 Book from Page Images: PreparationCreate page images first Page Images are image files that will act as the background of a page and therefore act as the main ...note3.1 First BookWhen you make your first step and start mz3Tool the first time, the "New" Window with all options to create a new book is sho...